How It Works


  • We schedule an Intake Call with you to find out about the skills and attributes of your ideal employment candidate. We also explore your management and communication styles, the culture of the company and the working environment, so we can find a candidate who is a realistic long-term match for your company.
  • We’ll write an ad for you, or edit your existing ad for maximum effectiveness. We will then post on the job boards of your choosing.
  • We consult with you to determine the best advertising vehicles for your job posting. Fees for the most commonly used job boards range from $25-$250 for a 30 day listing. The first $150 of job board fees are included in every hiring package.  If additional postings are required, we will let you know.


  • All resumes and responses come directly to us. In addition, each applicant is required to complete an online custom questionnaire, created for your job posting.
  • We review each and every applicant received and select the top 8-12 candidates for a phone interview.
  • We will also do Online Skills and Personality Assessments at this stage.
  • We conduct a thorough phone interview, making sure the candidate meets the requirements of the job and is a fit for your company.


  • We coordinate with you and/or your staff for in-person interviews to be held at your office. We determine your schedule week to week or day to day, as needed.
  • We coordinate the interview schedule with all candidates and give them directions to your office.
  • You conduct in-person interviews with the top 3-5 candidates.
  • We provide interview tips and techniques, if requested and ongoing consulting during the interview and decision making process.


  • You select from the top candidates and make an offer, or if available, request to see additional candidates.
  • If you choose the Premium or Pro package, we will also do reference and/or background checks.

For additional information or to get any questions answered, call us now at 720.439.4069.