Hire With Ease VS. Zip Recruiter

You need to make a hire. And we’re guessing….fast. Is ZipRecruiter the best option to save you time and help you make that next great hire?

If you just want to expand your pool of jobseekers (beyond what you would find on the top job boards – and, then ZipRecruiter might be a great choice.

If, however, you don’t feel like you have the time or expertise to attract a large pool of candidates AND narrow them down to the top 5 – Hire With Ease is your solution.

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Don’t waste valuable time reading 100’s of resumes- WE OFFER:

We are competitively priced, especially when compared to an internal staff member using ZipRecruiter for job posting and applicant tracking:




Hire With Ease


Time Saved

20+ Hours

1-3 Hours

Job Ad Writing

Job Ad Creation is done for you

Job Ad Writing is not included with ZipRecruiter

Job Ad Posting

Job Ad Posting is done for you- to the most popular job boards (where the job seekers are)

Automated posting to over 100 job boards (does not post to the highest trafficked job boards such as Indeed and Craigslist)

Applicant Tracking

Applicant tracking is done for you

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is provided, but applicant tracking is manual.

Applicant Screening

Applicant screening is done for you

Applicant screening is not included

Aptitude Testing

Detailed Reports Provided

No Aptitude Testing

Personality Testing

Detailed Reports Provided

No Personality Testing

Reference Checks

Background Checks

Team Aptitude Testing

Phone Interviews

We phone interview the top 8-10 candidates before selecting the top 3-5 for you to interview

Phone interview service is not offered

Interview Scheduling

We set up and schedule in person interviews with the top 3-5 candidates so that the only time you spend on the hiring process is the in person interview and on-boarding

You must schedule your own interviews with Ziprecruiter

HR Assistance

Comprehensive HR Dashboard is Accessible Online 24/7

HR Pros Phone Support 12 hrs/day

No HR Support Available

ZipRecruiter is useful if you need to post a job to many, many job boards quickly. However, due to the posting locations offered, ZipRecruiter postings may result in a large quantity of low quality job seekers. This can cause difficulty internally as office staff must then go through a large amount of applications and resumes, and can lead to qualified job seekers slipping through the cracks while less qualified applicants land interviews.

At Hire With Ease, we know that your time is valuable, and we work to streamline the hiring process through recruitment process outsourcing. We handle job ad creation, job ad posting and maintenance, applicant tracking, applicant screening, background checks, reference checks, aptitude and personality testing, phone interviews with the top 8-10 candidates, and finally we schedule the top 3-5 candidates for in-person interviews at your convenience. Learn more about the Hire With Ease hiring process!

On average, internal staff will spend 30-100 hours working on a position, in addition to 3-5 hours screening, background checking, and interviewing each candidate. On average, an internal professional will end up spending between 70 and 175 working hours to fill a single position. An employee on salary at $40,000/ annually will cost between $1400 and $3500 to complete this work, in addition to roughly $200 in job board posting fees per position. With companies like Ziprecruiter offering hundreds of applicants of varying quality, this process can quickly become very difficult, time consuming, and costly. Streamline your process with Hire With Ease flat rate, per-position packages.

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