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When you’re running a growing small business, and it’s time to expand your team… you might dread the hiring process.  It’s time-consuming, it’s frustrating, and it’s often far more expensive than you expect it to be.

Looking for a better way?

You’ve found it!

From crafting the perfect posting to attract the best candidates for your company’s specific needs… to filtering the list of applicants down to the most perfect matches… to helping you evaluate criteria you may never have thought to consider… the experts at Hire With Ease can help you skip the hiring headaches.

Based in Denver, Hire With Ease has an extensive reach, with a growing list of clients throughout the U.S.  We treasure our client companies, and we’re passionate about helping them find just the right team members to help their businesses thrive and grow.

And the feeling’s mutual!  When you check out our enthusiastic five-star online reviews, you’ll see that Hire With Ease is the small business’s trusted solution when it’s time to hire.

How Does it Work?

Hire With Ease Clients Don’t Deal With Nightmares Like This…

You dread the hiring process, but you can’t put it off any longer.  Things seem to be getting crazier around here every day!  You need help.

So you dive in, and start trying to write the perfect job description.  But every time the phone rings, that recruitment ad seems to drift closer to the bottom of the to-do pile.

After several days (all while things get more and more hectic), you finally force yourself to work overtime and finish your job ad.  Now… where to post it?

You take your best guess.  After all… you’re not in the recruiting business… this is just an occasional chore you have to deal with, and you don’t have time to put yourself through an education on today’s cutting-edge hiring techniques and practices.

You schedule interviews with applicants.  How many to interview?  How many hours is all that going to take?

Just the process of scheduling the interviews takes a LOT more time than it should… especially when many of the applicants turn into no-show, no-call ghosts.  Even people who sounded so excited to meet you!

It might take days.  It might take weeks.  It might even take months of mounting office craziness to finally find someone you feel good enough about to welcome to the team.

Days, weeks, or months of lost time.  Lost productivity.  Lost opportunity!  How much did that cost?

How much will your new employee contribute to your business?

And how long will they stick with the job?

… What’s Your Time Worth?

You know the tried-and-true business expression: “Time Is Money.”

Your trusted professionals at Hire With Ease appreciate the fact that it costs you real money to recruit just the right new employees for your business.

From the time spent searching for and evaluating candidates, to hiring and training a person only to find the “fit” wasn’t right (forcing you to start over), to the costs associated with advertising and other expenses… hiring is often a major cost point for a small business.

In fact, the Society for Human Resources Management reports that the total cost per hire – including both internal and external expenditures – is more than four thousand dollars.

Each and every time you hire!

And that’s if you put yourself through the hiring headaches.  Hire a standard recruiting agency, and your costs could go much higher as the agency charges you (on average) 25-35% of the employee’s annual salary.  Just to help you find the help you need!

But there’s a better way.  A much better way.

Less Time.  Less Cost.  Less Hassle When You Use Hire With Ease

Schedule a no-obligation consultation with your trusted experts at Hire With Ease, and save yourself time, headaches… and money.

Our clients pay significantly less than the “going rate” (above) to get a hassle-free, professional recruiting experience for their small business:

  • We create job ads that attract.  Your competitors are also looking to hire the best talent on the market.  When talented applicants read your business’s posting, though, they’ll see the positive difference between your firm and the others out there on the prowl for their services.
  • We know just where to post your listing, and how to manage listings to maximize their effectiveness.
  • We screen your applicants thoroughly.  From initial screenings to in-depth telephone interviews, to aptitude tests and other leading-edge assessments, to complete background and reference checks… we make sure to offer you only the best applicants for your specific opening.
    • And by the way: when an applicant sounds enthusiastic during the first phone conversation, but then fails to call or “show up” for an in-depth phone interview… that happens to us, not to our clients!  And, needless to say, our clients are never bothered with face-to-face interviews with candidates who “ghost” on us.

The entire Hire With Ease process is well-planned and highly customized to your specific firm and opening… so you can rely on being afforded the opportunity to hire just the right candidate for the job.

Our team has more than 40 years of combined experience in recruiting, hiring, training, and managing employees in a broad range of industries:

  • Financial Advisory Firms

  • CPA and Bookkeeping Firms

  • Telecommunications

  • Nonprofit Organizations

  • Independent Healthcare Providers

  • Information Technology

  • Wholesale/Manufacturing

  • Internet-Based Business

  • Human Resource Talent

  • Business-To-Business (B2B)

  • Small-Business Executives

  • Mid-Level Office Talent

  • Design Firms

  • Business-To-Consumer (B2C)

  • … And Many More!

So get in touch with the pros at Hire With Ease today.  Check out our clients’ enthusiastic online reviews, and then send us an email or schedule your consultation online.

Let us show you how to avoid the hiring headaches.  Let us help you save your precious time, and your hard-earned money.

Let us help you Hire With Ease.

Not an Expert in Hiring and Recruiting?  Not a problem. We’re here for you. 

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