The fall is a season of resetting. Many workers are returning from summer vacation and schools reopen after a three-month hiatus. As staff from all industries return to work full-force, hiring managers have more availability for interviews and applicant screening. The goal of fall recruiting is to fill vacant positions before the holidays roll around.

What your HR and recruiting teams should do with this information:

Retain the talent you already have
The simplest solution is to decrease the need to recruit as much as possible. By retaining your existing workforce, you spend less time and money recruiting new hires. In order to retain top talent, it’s necessary to take a look at your overall engagement and workplace happiness. By using surveys, you can assess how your staff is doing, and what you can do to make them even happier to improve retention and engagement.

Move quickly
Did you know the best candidates are off the job market within 10 days? Job hunters want to move quickly so they have fewer gaps in their pay schedules. If your interviewing and on-boarding process takes too long, they will move on to another company who acts faster than you. Cut down on your hiring process with technology that helps screen candidates and weed out any unqualified applicants.

When competition is stiff, it’s all about differentiation. Consider this, if you’re gearing up for a seasonal rush, what are you going to do to attract workers more readily than big-name companies who may be able to offer better wages or employee discounts? Try offering unique benefits that help you stand out in a crowd which allows you to attract in more talent than your competitors.


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