Writing An Effective Job Ad

A job ad is different from a job description. A job description is usually very lengthy, and very formal. In a job ad, you want to have a more casual tone. While including the requirements and an outline of the general duties, you want to keep the ad succinct, friendly and approachable.

The first really critical part of a job ad is the ad headline.

Remember, this is the very first thing that a job seeker sees when deciding whether to click on your ad, or your competitor’s ad. If you look on Craigslist and Indeed.com, you’ll see lots of very vanilla and general ad headlines.

It’s very easy to make yours stand out. Include these three things in your job headline:

1.) Use A Common and Appropriate Job Title

Perhaps at your company you call the receptionist a “Director of First Impressions”, while it’s a clever and lovely title for her business card, it may not attract the correct job seekers on the job boards. If they’re searching by keyword, which they do exclusively on Indeed.com, they’ll never see your ad. As a result, you want to make sure the most commonly used job title for that type of position is what goes in your ad headline.

2.) Something Unique

The second thing to always include in your ad headline is something that makes your company unique and interesting- something that makes your business stand out. Perhaps it’s something that you’re offering, like a 4 day work week, casual Fridays, room to grow or a super fun culture. You want to put that right in the ad headline to make your job stand out.

3.) Include Pay

The third thing you always want to include in your job headline is the pay, or a pay range. It could be a really broad range, such as $10-$20 per hour or $30-$50,000 per year, but you want to state a range. This will dramatically increase your applicant flow. Again, if you look on other job boards, you will see that very few employers include this in their ad headline.

The body of the job ad should include these components.

1) The first paragraph should be a general summary about the company and about what you’re looking to fill.

2) The second paragraph should go into more detail about what makes your company and this opportunity attractive.

3) Then we recommend having a bulleted list of the general duties of the position, followed by a bulleted list of the required skills and experience. Remember to be specific- is this a required skill or a “like to have” or “bonus if you have” skill. Towards the end you can go into more detail about the compensation package.

The very last thing you want to do is to let potential applicants know how to apply for this position. We recommend having an online application and include a hyperlink right in the ad.