Where are you working right now? From home? In a coffee shop? From an outdoor patio? Working remotely is a continually fast-growing trend in the modern workforce. But like any new working practice, usual routine takes some discipline and diligence.

According to the statistics*, in the U.S. alone, 34 million people work in distributed teams and this number is expected to grow to 63 million people. Many organizations see working remotely as a great way for employees to keep a healthy work-life balance. But that flexibility can also create a few challenges.

When looking to hire remote employees, how do you know if it will actually work? Here are 5 strategies that make working remotely effective.

  • Communicate well and often – whether it’s email or video chat, pick the tool that works best for the project at hand.
  • Be a proactive manager – checking in consistently is key!
  • Be a proactive team player – be deliberate about reaching out and checking in with co-workers.
  • Get personal – re-create the ‘water cooler’ talk by asking colleagues about their families, hobbies or weekend activities.
  • Know how to measure productivity – have concrete definitions around work productivity paired with communication and engagement.

Some Benefits of Remote Employees:
Easier to collaborate, increased productivity and no geographic boundaries.

Check out this article in Forbes about 10 Remote Work Trends That Will Dominate 2019:


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