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You’re busy.  Your small business might even seem like it’s “bursting at the seams.”  You never want to turn down a new client, or refuse more work from your existing customers… but what you really need right now is HELP.

That’s where Hire With Ease comes in… we take the hassle, the “time-suck,” and a lot of the expense out of the hiring process for our small business clients.

We’re based in Denver, but with our nationwide reach and growing list of enthusiastic clients, Hire With Ease has the expertise to help your small business take care of the things most entrepreneurs don’t like to do… the chores that have to be done, but which aren’t “what you signed up for.”

The cost to find, hire, and train just the right person for your firm can be daunting – over four thousand dollars, on average, according to The Society for Human Resources Management.  And that doesn’t count the headaches, the stress, and the lost productivity involved when you try to go it alone.

Hire With Ease provides affordable expert hiring and Human Resources (HR) services for our small business clients, who pay far less, on average, than the usual cost.

Don’t take our word for it: check out the enthusiastic five-star reviews our delighted clients have taken the time to write for us online.

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Let us help you Hire With Ease!

Hiring Services

At Hire With Ease, we’re experts in small-business hiring.  We know just what to do, every step of the way, so you can leave most of the chores associated with the hiring process to us… and focus on running and growing your business.

  • Project Launch.  We’ll schedule an “intake call” with you or your department manager, and learn everything there is to know about the talent you’re looking for.  We’ll also “get smart” about your management and communication styles, your firm’s culture, and the working environment we’ll be helping you round-out.  We’ll write the perfect ad to attract just the right applicants (or edit your existing ad), and post that ad to just the right sites (including the ones you prefer)… and our hiring package always includes the first $150 in posting fees (we’ll let you know if more is needed).
  • Screening and Scheduling.  The resumes and applications don’t flood into your inbox… they come to us.  We have your applicants complete customized questionnaires, too, to make sure a strong fit is possible.  Based on the response, we pick the best 8-12 applicants… we put them through more online Skills and Personality assessments… we interview them thoroughly over the phone… and we schedule the top 3-5 for personal interviews with you, based on your schedule and convenience.  If you like, we can even give you tips on how to conduct the best interviews to ensure you’re getting everything you need to evaluate the top candidates.
  • The Finish Line.  You interview the top handful of applicants, pick the successful candidate, make an offer, and add a new star to your firm’s constellation of talent!  Otherwise, you can request to see more candidates.  And with our Pro and Premium packages, if you like, we’ll perform detailed reference and background checks for you.

You hire the person who’s just right for your team… You build the relationship… You realize the benefits of getting the help you need.  We simply help you Hire With Ease.

Human Resources (HR) Support

Hire With Ease can help you throughout every step of the small-business hiring process.

And now, thanks to our new Human Resources support services, we can help your company well beyond that process!

  • The HR Support Center.  For a mere $29/month, you can have “anytime access” to online answers to your HR questions.  You’ll have use of our HR legal library, information covering the most common employer laws (AMA, FMLA, FLSA, and the like)… templates, new hire kits, FAQs, tips on creating effective policies and employee handbooks, great advice from our newsletter… and much more.
  • HR On Demand!  Starting at just $69/month (and up, depending upon the number of folks on your team), your firm could have access to every online resource in our HR Support Center plus live, practical advice from human resources experts.  You’ll literally have a Human Resources Department on demand, even if your firm is too small to afford a full-time HR staff.

Don’t put yourself through one more hiring nightmare, trying to go it alone and paying more than you should to get the right help you need!   Get in touch with the hiring and HR pros at Hire With Ease today.

Let us show you how to avoid the hiring headaches.  Let us help you save your precious time, and your hard-earned money.

Let us help you Hire With Ease.


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