We try to move quickly at Hire With Ease, because the market is so tight. That is why our client agreement is for 30 days. We want to have those candidates to you well before 30 days from the start of advertising. However, with that being said, the market, candidate pool, job itself and the benefits you can offer are what determines how quickly we move.

Ideally, we would expect to have the job posted for 5-7 days to reach a solid applicant pool (if all things as listed above are solid). Then, your hiring specialist would be scheduling assessments and phone interviews during the next week. Next, during week 3, your schedule will allow you to make yourself available to interview the top candidates we’ve identified for you. Finally, we hope you can make an offer the last week.

However, if our applicant flow is light, it might be much more spread out. Clients can have the greatest impact on how quickly you can find great people based on paying at or above market rate, offering great benefits and other perks. Additionally, employee reviews on sites like Glassdoor also may have an impact on the recruiting process.

The more desirable the opportunity, the higher the caliber of candidates you will receive, and the faster you will find someone. Conversely, if you offer little to no benefits and a low hourly wage, the quality of the applicants will be lower, and you will have fewer people from which to choose.

We work really hard to try and get you at least 3 candidates well within the 30 days. Sometimes the job market is really tight, and things beyond our control make the market or applicant pool low. We will continue to screen candidates if they come in to get to 3 screened people to send you, even if it’s passed 30 days. Your hiring specialist will discuss with you if s/he feels you need to increase the advertising budget, or recommend increasing salary, decreasing requirements, etc. But if these things can’t change, your applicant pool from which to choose will be lower.

We do not check a candidate’s social media accounts, for very specific reasons. Social media provides a lot of information around a potential candidates’ age, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. We follow EEOC guidelines on this topic.

Prior to the face to face interviews, we send a candidates’ resume, completed assessments (if applicable) and an interview summary to you. This is the first time you will generally see the resume. We don’t send resumes for you to approve/deny beforehand, because the main part of our role is to give you time to run your business. Let us do the work we do well and get you candidates scheduled.
We can do reference checks as an add on to a package, or some are included in the Premium Package. Reference checks on a candidate are completed after your face to face interview, but before an offer. Your assigned hiring specialist will ask the candidate for names and phone numbers of 5 references, at least 2 whom are previous or current supervisors/managers. We reach out to all 5, in hopes of hearing back from at least 3 people for reference checks.

Your hiring specialist will ask them about their working relationship, duties, strengths, areas of improvement, performance issues, general concerns, would they work them again, etc. Some people are willing to answer all questions – others don’t have time, or aren’t as complete. We get as much as we can while keeping the reference comfortable. We provide references to you in a summary form of the entire conversation – usually in a paragraph or two.

We can do background checks, but only during a certain time in our process. Hire With Ease only conducts post-accepted offer background checks. We recommend that you make an offer, “contingent upon the successful completion of a background check”. We always recommend that a solid process for background checks is in place for your business, that they are administered consistently, and the information received is used only as it relates to the necessity of the job.
  • Spend time on the job description 
  • Be specific in the duties and responsibilities 
  • Be open to fewer requirements, looking to hire the person who can be trained
  • Ensure the requirements are actually required in order to do the job (example – do they really need a college degree)?
  • Be as competitive as you can with salary, benefits and perks
  • Be honest in the culture and work environment.  If you can make improvements to it before you hire, do so.  Constantly be asking yourself, “How can I make my employees happy?” 
  • Make yourself available to interview as soon as we have candidates to offer
  • Be decisive.  Sometimes you might see a great candidate as your first interview, and perhaps nothing else is scheduled.  If you wait too long to make a decision, you may lose your top applicant to another opportunity. 
  • Please remember that we are working with people who make decisions beyond our control.  Occasionally, we have people that don’t show up, withdraw, and even decline offers. That is just part of the recruitment and hiring process.
If you don’t choose to make a hire out of the 3-5 candidates we have sent you, we have a Redo Package that we can offer you. For 60% of the original fee, we will complete the same process as before – with another round of advertising, screening, interviewing, assessments and scheduling interviews on your behalf.
While we are very successful in sending candidates that result in an offer with our clients, we do not guarantee hire. Our flat fees cover initial advertising, business overhead and the Hiring Specialists’ time in doing the work on your business’ behalf.

If you are looking for a guarantee hire, we are not the right fit for your business. I would suggest that you find a temporary/staffing agency or an executive recruiter. Be prepared to pay 25-35% of the employee’s base pay/annual salary for the recruiting fee. To give you an example of the cost, an employee who works full-time making $15/hour, a 25% recruiting fee would be $7200. If you work with an agency for temp-to-hire in the same scenario, you could expect to pay that agency $18.75+/hour, plus a conversion fee percentage if you hire that employee.

This has happened before, and we are always thrilled if you offer to more than one candidate! And there is no additional fee for that. Because we don’t guarantee hire, we send you the top candidates who have applied for you to interview – you can choose to hire all of them if you want!

Do you have a question we haven’t answered? If so, contact us and we’ll be happy to answer!

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