Cathy Mueller, President
August 9, 2019

I can’t say enough good things about using Hire With Ease to help me hire my second assistant. I hired my first assistant on my own, using Indeed and LinkedIn. It was challenging, frustrating, and ultimately a complete waste of time. The person I hired only lasted for six weeks before she left, and was a disaster for much of the time she worked for me. When I needed to replace her, a friend suggested I contact Hire With Ease. Keely explained the process to me, and after some searching, I found the fee for Hire With Ease to be very competitive for the level of service provided. Once I decided to use Hire With Ease, I spent almost an hour on the phone with Keely to determine what skills and attributes would be most beneficial to my business, and how best to go about finding the right person. Wouldn’t you know it, the person I thought I needed was not really what I had been looking for the first time around, and Keely helped me dial that in so that we were much more focused on the right candidate. From there, Hire With Ease took care of everything, from writing and placing the job posting in the right places, to filtering through the responses, to conducting initial phone interviews and skills and personality assessments. She narrowed the search down to the top three candidates, and scheduled interviews for me with each of them. I feel confident that any of them would have been a good addition to my team, and I am thrilled with the person I hired. Not only did Hire With Ease take the burden off my plate, but Keely was unbelievably communicative during the process. I never once had to wonder what was going on, because she was right on top of keeping me in the loop, letting me know what kind of initial response she was getting from the job posting, making suggestions about ways to improve the posting to increase responses, and giving me feedback about the quality of candidates she was finding. When the time comes to hire my next team member, there is no question in my mind. I will be calling Hire With Ease. Cathy A Mueller, CPA Mueller Accounting and Tax Services, Inc.