Thoughts on Hiring During This Uncertain Time

These last two months have been crazy for business owners.  Many have had to temporarily (or permanently) close its doors. Others had to quickly shift their business models to stay afloat.  Work From Home policies and procedures had to be implemented on the fly. Some had hiring freezes, others laid off or furloughed countless employees, and even some had increased hiring needs.

The National Unemployment Rate hit 14.7% in April.  Click Here to view by state. As businesses start to begin to open up again, many are faced with the uncertainty of hiring going forward.

Below, please find my thoughts and suggestions for navigating this time.  What does this mean for Hiring?

  • You may have a higher quality candidate pool than you would have 2 months ago. 

    This is good news for your business, and hopefully, your potential new hire.  You may have access to highly qualified individuals who are looking for work.  One thing to be concerned with is ensuring you hire the right candidate who is a match for not only their skill set, but future career goals, professional interest and culture fit.  Once hired, it is imperative to make sure you take care of your employees, so that the next better offer that comes up doesn’t have them jumping ship.

  • You could be overwhelmed with the number of applicants who apply for your position – whether they be underqualified, overqualified, or just what you’re looking for.

    You might not be sure what to look for in a resume to figure out if someone is qualified.  Can you tell if someone is detail-oriented and loyal to his/her employer by looking at a resume?  If you don’t know what to look for when reviewing resumes, you will be wasting your valuable time. You might not be able to determine at first glance who might be “just right” for your business, or more importantly, what to look for if someone doesn’t check all the boxes, but could still be an outstanding employee.

    From a purely practical standpoint, you might not have time to efficiently get through the applicants that have submitted applications for your open position(s). Because now, more than ever, you need to be focusing on activities that bring in revenue for your business.

  • Applicants will be applying for many jobs at the same time. 

    It continues to be very important to be able to move through the stages of the hiring process quickly.   Top talent will be applying for multiple opportunities simultaneously.  If you are too busy to move through the process, keep candidates engaged and schedule interviews in a timely manner and make hiring decisions quickly, you will lose the top applicants to other offers.

Hire with Ease can help you manage this time-consuming process for you.   We act as your in house Hiring Expert, saving you Time and Money. 

We move through the process as quickly as possible, and often, will have interviews scheduled for you within 2 weeks of posting, if not sooner.  So far in 2020, our average time to fill is 26 days (12 days was our shortest), with a 90% accepted offer rate from the candidates we sent over.

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